Do you want to boost your productivity?

Premo Collaborative robots and Industrial Robots help businesses of every size automate repetitive, dangerous, and monotonous tasks to increase productivity in a cost-effective way and improve product quality. Our Cobots provide a flexible, and secure automation solution for a broad range of production tasks in almost every industry.

imagen-pArm 6
pArm 6
Payload 5kg | Reach 700mm | Degrees of Freedom 6 | Weight 12.2kg
imagen-pArm 7
pArm 7
Payload 7kg | Reach 920mm | Degrees of Freedom 6 | Weight 53kg
Crafted from Carbon Fiber, xArm weights less than 15kg with 700mm reach. Compact Cobot with 5kg payload.
Program the cobot Arm without code Drag-and-drop functions
Infinite ways of deployment and task any automation. Mounts in any orientation
Customizable stopping times + stopping distance Collision detection
Archive greater productivity in you application
PREMO Flexible Collaborative Robot Arm brings flexible automation in many applications, from quality inspection to material handling, from dispensing to assembly, from palletizing to machine tending, whatever the task our colaborative arms can help you increase productivity.
Adding value in countless industries
PREMO safe, and easy-to-use Collaborative Robots offer an incredible flexibility into production environments and add value in many industries. From Automotive to Medical to Science and Electronics.
Increase Agility & Flexibility