Dispensing Applications for Automated cobot

Add flexibility and efficiency to your dispensing, gluing, and welding processes with PREMO pArm automated cobot in any industry.   

  • Reduced waste  
  • Improve cycle time  
  • Increased quality  

PREMO pArm 6 automated cobot has a 0.1mm repeatability and is the best option when automating the precise handling required in dispensing applications.   

Improves the consistency of gluing processes dosing the same quantity of glue.   

  • IP-54 certified, PREMO automated cobot arms can work in corrosive liquid environments as long as the necessary protection is used.  
  • PREMO pArm automated cobots are perfect for both large scale and small business production and can re-use programs for frequent assignments in all their cobot automation processes. 
  • The initiation and settlement process are designed to be easy and fast-paced, so the automation cobot process of manual tasks is agile, low priced and available for every inquiry. The automated cobot arm demo is available.  
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