Material Handling

Material Handling Robot

Premo material handling robot can boost and escalate both speed and quality, as well as shorten assembly and test time.   

Are you looking for production optimization? PREMO material handling robot are prepared to adapt to whichever workflow updates, changes or business size as their aspects are focused on providing adaptable solutions for different actions. Small, light and easy to be programmed. Due to its easy management, it offers the possibility to set reference points physically while changing the handling robot locations.   

The robotic material handling arm can yield detailed and repetitive production operations and perform processes commonly needed in different industries with a wide range of materials. Thanks to the different adapters available, automated handling robot claw hand and robot gripper, the cobots work from metals to wood, plastics and others. They can undergo actions such as bolting, nut tightening, part fitting, insertion and at the same time, reduce workplace complications.   

In order to prevent those possible workplace issues, this small industrial handling robot arm comes automatically computerized with technology that protects workers from direct interactions. If needed, Robots reduce their speed once a human is on their surroundings and they automatically return to their operations once security is certified.

  • pArm offers you all the benefits of advanced handling cobots, so your operating costs are reduced with the best material handling robot. The payback of the arms is estimated to be 195 days, the quickest inside the industry so far. No extra costs related to installation, maintenance, or handling robot programing.
  • Both humans and cobots can collaborate in their daily tasks. Now with the advantage that robots can replace human operators and protect them from tasks that may result in both mental and physical injuries.  In material handling robotic automation procedures safety comes first.
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