Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection Applications for Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robots are now key participants of integrated quality inspection processes. This testing arena is changing speedily due to the integration of robots in the Industry 4.0. The role of the collaborative robot, which works in partnership with humans, is crucial to speed up the testing channel to cope with overall product lifecycle challenges. Automating quality inspection test with PREMO collaborative robot keeps a high product quality level and provide high precision handling in testing applications. Our cobots can perform consistently repetitive tasks that allow remote testing, following exact processes with minimum deviation and ensuring human safety.  

Let PREMO Collaborative Robot automates to leave more time for the human to analyze the results and boost the efficiency and reliability of both product and system testing. 

PREMO Collaborative Robot KEY BENEFITS:
  • Lightweight, small-scale assembly collaborative robot capable of being incorporated in narrow locations.    
  • Cobots ease workers of repetitive tasks and raise the consistency of quality control processes. PREMO collaborative robot performance is the highest in the market.  
  • Reduce operating costs. PREMO collaborative robot offers all the benefits of advanced robotic automation without the traditional additional costs linked with robot programming, installation, and special shielded work cells. The 195 days of average payback period given by PREMO is the fastest in robot production.   
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