Cobot welding Applications

PREMO Cobot welding system brings flexible automation to welding production lines, interacting hand in hand with humans, and adding value to your business.   

Our welding cobots are safe for welders, the worker can manually move the arm and program the path to weld the component without danger. Their simple cobot welding programming can be a big-time saver reducing the time that could allow the worker to do another task.   

They are easy to relocate as production needs to change in the fab shop to help supplement manual labor.   

 PREMO collaborative welding robot arms improve the performance of your welding application by providing excellent accuracy, efficiency, and simple redeployment, reducing production downtime, and improving the ROI.  Less wasted material, and an incredible versatility on your production line are among the key advantages of cobot welding applications using PREMO collaborative robots. 


The possibilities that cobot welding processes offer are countless. PREMO collaborative robots offer versatile and flexible automation functions. Multiple operations would be performed in your workspace, so your potential opportunities expand. Handle Arc, TIG, laser, MIG, ultrasonic, plasma, and spot welding, as well as soldering and brazing are actions available to execute without any possible dangerous risk for your operators. Once the arms detect the presence of any human body, their technology programs them to stop or slow down till the person leaves their space. Industries that use cobot welding processes are the ones looking for safety first. Collaborative welding robot will transform and prepare your company for the future.

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