Collaborative Robots in Automotive Industry

The collaborative robots automotive industry, especially nowadays, is constantly changing, highly competitive, and demands an extremely high degree of flexibility from vehicle fabricators. Increasing worldwide competitiveness expects intelligent manufacturing systems and flexible logistics circuits inside the collaborative robots automotive industry. User experience, easy installations, and adaptability are key to get top results.  

The automation of repetitive tasks is 4.0 industry revolution opener to a highly effectiveness in operations and most direct return of investment. Cobots can work alongside operators, developing industrial processes that facilitate a better approach to production. Industrial robotic solutions are on-demand in the automotive industry.  


Cobots are a tool that develop a better performance in modules, systems, and robotic assembly processes inside Tier 1 OEMs or even contractor environments. Accessible to set up and displace, PREMO arms perfectly respond to these fast-paced customer requirements. 

Applications that may interest you
Boost your Automation with PREMO Cobots and Industrial Robots
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